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Gain Insights into Tech.TransLat Workshop

Samples of successful translation work:

Die Sonne scheint überall Light of the World
DEK Printing Machines GmbH

The customer DEK International (in Germany: DEK Printing Machines GmbH, Bad Vilbel) is a global provider of high tech solutions in the field of stencil- and precision screen-printing machines for the electronics industry as well as production equipment for fuel cell and solar panel production. DEK's Business Development Manager Alternative Energies, Darren Brown, gives a brief insight into requirements for suppliers of production machine equipment in the solar panel fabrication industry.

The main emphasis of the linguistic transformation of the English source text into German has been, to create an easy readable article for technical trade magazines, using the correct German technical terms for the emerging photovoltaic industry. The reader's attraction shall be maintained and even increased throughout this very comprehensive article.

(Utilization and possibility of download of the article by courtesy of DEK Printing Machines GmbH, Bad Vilbel)

Download the German translation Die Sonne scheint überall - Erfolgsfaktoren im weltweiten Photovoltaik-Markt, (5 864 kB) as well as the original English version Light of the world: Building success in photovoltaic manufacturing (131 kB) of the article by Darren Brown, as pdf-files.


Fixtest XXL-catalogue title page Fixtest XXL-catalogue content
Fixtest GmbH

In close cooperation with the customer Fixtest GmbH, Engen the bilingual brochure was developed:

Design goal: To impart to the technical minded customer within a few pages, how the problem of reliably contacting a device-under-test under the condition of lead-free electronics (RoHS) has been solved using nano technologies.

Focal point of the linguistic transformation of the German source text into English has been, to embed correct technical explanation into an attractive and easy-readable style, which keeps and even increases the reader's curiosity and interest far beyond the first lines. (Type area: Two columns German/English).

(Utilization and possibility of download of the brochure by courtesy of Fixtest GmbH, Engen)

Download the bilingual 9 page brochure as pdf file (311 kB).


First page German article on brazil First page English article on brazil
publish-industry Verlag GmbH

On the occasion of Hannovermesse 2007 the editorial staff of A&D-Fachmedien (publish-industry Verlag GmbH, Munich) has published the English trade fair edition A&D To Go of the German A&D (Automation & Drives) magazine. It updates the international trade fair visitors with a selection of news and developments in the field of Automation & Drives.

Here, the report of the research trip to Brazil is exemplarily introduced. It's a sample of some translations, Tech.TransLat prepared for the editoral staff of A&D. The more detailed German version of the report has been published as a series of articles in A&D magazine, starting in issue 5/07.

Focal point of the linguistic transformation of the German source text into English has been, to transfer the technical and cultural contents for the target group: The international guests of the trade fair. Even the impatient, stressed visitor of the fair shall be encouraged by a vivid wording, to completely read the article.

(Utilization and possibility of download of the articles by courtesy of publish-industry Verlag, Munich)

Dowload the first part of the German article series, (1 029 kB) as well as the concise English edition, (571 kB) as pdf-files.


First page German article on 3-level drive First page English article on 3-level drive
SEMIKRON International GmbH

For SEMIKRON International GmbH, Nürnberg, a white-paper about the advantageous features of 3-level inverters regarding energy efficiency, size and harmonic distortion (by Marco Di Lella and Riccardo Ramin, SEMIKRON Italy) has been translated into German.

The original English paper has been published in the September issue 2008 of Bodo's Power Systems®. The German translation by Tech.TransLat has been published in the March issue 2009 of elektronikJOURNAL, where the editorial staff carried out some minor changes. Please contact me, to get the exact translation work by Tech.TransLat.

(Utilization and possibility of download of the articles by courtesy of SEMIKRON International, Nuremberg)

Dowload the German translation of the article, (317 kB) as well as the English original paper, (174 kB) as pdf-files.

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