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Tech.TransLat and the Translator behind


Roman Meier, Engineering Graduate

Study of electronics engineering at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen/Bavaria (Germany), diploma 1984.
Various responsibilities in several business sectors in the electronics and drives industry:

Fields of experience:

  • Hardware/Firmware design in industrial electronics
  • Planning of electrical equipment for special purpose machines
  • Printed-circuit-board assembly management SMT/through-hole-technology
  • Printed-circuit-board test technology optical (AOI)/electrical (in-circuit-test, functional test)
  • Special layout aspects with complex multilayer boards
  • Planning of manual assembly lines for industrial electronic appliances
  • Quality management for disc motors

Linguistic competence:

  • Frequent international contacts
  • Continuous language trainings
  • Permanent study of English technical literature
  • Since 2004: Freelance translator English-German / German-English for technical and marketing documents

Personal quality claim:

Users of the translated documents will be convinced to read original papers!

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